> What are we doing? 

We are bringing the necessary tools to marketplace businesses. For too long, marketplaces have been left abandoned in a desert of generalistic tools. Hacking together the tools they need to survive. Now, enter a new Reallm. 

> Why?

Marketplaces are the future and yet there are no tools specifically to take their data and give them actionable insights as to how to maximise marketplace revenue. It is possible to know which strategy - out of the millions of variations out there possible to you - will end up as the best result. We want to help you find that strategy. 

We want all marketplaces to have access to the best in class algorithmic analysis. Keeping operational costs low and margins high. We want marketplaces to succeed. Leading to a more efficient and globally connected world. 

> Where do we begin?

We begin by providing supply-side strategies to marketplaces. Namely, where should you onboard or re-engage particular suppliers. We are starting here as we believe the supply-side is the most under-valued part of most marketplaces, often with extremely manual processes still prevailing.

> Why hasn't it been done before? 

This is a massive and extremely complicated optimisation problem (think of DeepMind's StarCraft initiative). Right now, similar types of problems are solved only within academia (e.g analysis of proteins). We are bringing this type of analytics to the commercial world. Some marketplaces that are using similar techniques are creating algorithms from scratch internally. We can benefit from economies of scale and cross marketplace learnings - although data is kept completely anonymously and securely. Read data terms here.  

> Meet the team 

Alex - Having spent more than 10 years in HPC. Alex is now very happy to see some action from his field. He has previously worked on Numeric weather forecasting at Intel, quantum computing programs of US and Swiss governments and he has even simulated an entire island in French Polynesia. The skills he has learnt in optimisation and forecasting are at the core of our solution.

Lottie - brings the marketplace expertise. Having struggled with a lack of specialised tools herself whilst at JustPark, headBox and most recently Midrive. Lottie uses the memory of creating massive pivot tables to make sense of geographical data as motivation to save other people from similar fates! 

Rich :-) Having worked with Lottie at Midrive, he knew what he was getting himself into (hahah)

> The technologies behind the magic

Structural Modelling
We use structural hierarchical modelling to create a stochastic model of marketplace dynamics using main factors ("features") that affect the marketplace. From here, we already have 

Your input
We believe your team knows best what is having an effect on your marketplace and Reallm is set-up in a way to encourage you to harness that knowledge and test (+ save) hypotheses. 

We use our customer's data sets, relevant external datasets + our simulator to test different algorithms and the accuracy of their results. 

Online learning
This is the best bit. Once Your Reallm is set-up, it will continue to learn to everchanging market dynamics.

> How can you get involved?

Become a Beta Pilot 
Our customers decide between regular CSV upload or read-only access to their database. 

Meet and learn
We run regular Marketplace Analytics workshops for you to harness the knowledge of our wonderful team amongst other well defined figures within the industry. 

We will also be running online training courses where you can make sure you have all bases covered. Whether you are a CEO or Business Development Manager wanting to be more data-driven or a Business Analyst or Data Scientist wanting to top-up your marketplace related knowledge. This course will be for you. 

Let us know if you are interested in learning more about either or both of these here. We don't spam. Or send us a message and we will get back to you ASAP 

Or shout via hello@reallm.io just to say hi.